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The ATMB motorway network is located in the heart of the highest mountain ranges in Europe, in the departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie. It consists of the Autoroute Blanche (A40), the Route Blanche (RN205) and the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Three axes for Haute-Savoie, mobilizing ATMB teams 24/7 to meet a triple requirement of security, service and preservation of an exceptional environment.

PROJECT : eRoadMontBlanc


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Since 2016, B2eBike located in France, develops bike sharing systems. We focus on innovative and environmental mobility solutions for companies and cities around ebikes, escooters… By integrating design, sourcing and assembling we have a 100% owned technology for hardware (bike, charging station, lock) and software (application, backoffice, IoT). OOWI® is our all-inclusive bike sharing system. We continuously invest for innovation, people and adjust our production capacity. We offer our solutions to distributors, operators, manufacturers and service providers…

Our objectives are:

– to facilitate changes in habits by proposing sustainable solutions to shift from cars to e-bikes,

– to reduce nuisances from increasing deliveries in cities by replacing motorcycles with e-bikes

– to promote shared use and make e-bike accessible to maximum of people.

In 2024, we relocate the production in France (Lyon) of our frames, forks and stations to propose an “Origine France” complete solution.

PROJECT : Bicycle Frame and Fork in Cast Aluminum



CARA, based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Centre-Val de Loire regions, is a competitiveness cluster with over 420 members (manufacturers, transport operators, research laboratories and training centers).

A benchmark in Europe, CARA supports the transformation of passenger and freight transport systems to meet the challenges of public health and the ecological and digital transition. CARA supports its members in 6 sectors: industrial vehicles, automobiles, guided air transport, river transport, railways, bicycles & micromobility. CARA represents the national sectors in the regions, with specific action in conjunction with PFA Automobile & Mobilité, FIF (Fédération des Industries Ferroviaires) and France Vélo.

From idea to market, CARA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes implements collective actions to support its members across the entire value chain: research and innovation projects, real-life demonstrators, actions to promote the economic and industrial development of its members.



A French public research organization ranked among the world’s top 100 innovation players (Clarivate 2022), the CEA acts as a catalyst and accelerator of innovation in the service of the French industry. It enhances the competitiveness of companies in all sectors by creating high-performance, differentiating products and provides innovative solutions to illuminate the changes in our society. The CEA deploys this dynamic throughout the regions of France by supporting its local partners in their innovation efforts, thereby contributing to the creation of value and sustainable jobs across the territory, closely aligned with industrial needs. At the same time, it supports the development of its 215 startups, which serve as agile vectors for transferring expertise and breakthrough technologies from the laboratories.



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DPIA Colaert is one of leading producers of suspension parts in Europe. Our solutions consist of leaf springs, coil springs, shock absorbers, reinforcement kits, spring clamps, stabilizer bars, torsion and steering bars, ball joints, king pin kits and other suspension and chassis components for heavy duty vehicles, trailers, commercial vehicles, pick-ups, railways, agricultural machinery, handling equipment and other industries.

PROJECT : MOIRA – Predictive Maintenance of Automotive and Railway Suspensions


EFI AUTOMOTIVE develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of embedded electronic sensors, multi-sensor modules, mechatronic actuators, and power modules with embedded software. These products meet the stringent standards of automotive Safety and Cybersecurity (ISO 26262 and TISAX). EFI’s portfolio offers clients innovative and decisive solutions in value creation, particularly in new embedded technologies by integrating artificial intelligence and data security in the industrial sector. EFI also explores new markets in the future mobility aeras. Its innovation strategy is implemented not only through its R&D department but also thanks to Axandus, its industrial startup accelerator, and Akéoplus, a player in Industry 4.0 (an industrial engineering company specializing in designing and implementing digital solutions). EFI aims not only to accelerate the development of its technological platforms in decarbonized mobility, innovative mechatronic solutions, and electronic and electromagnetic systems that make vehicles more efficient, smarter, more comfortable, and safer, but also to explore other markets and integrate new skills. The company achieved in 2023 a turnover of 219.7 million euros, leveraging its strong international presence, which enhances customer proximity through its technological development centers, production sites, and sales offices in the United States (2 sites), Europe (4 sites in France, 1 site in Germany, 1 site in Turkey), and Asia (3 sites in China).



Since 1989, ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE has developed, produced and marketed, under the EXXOTEST© brand name, products which cover every phase in the life of the control, regulation and servo systems fitted to vehicles and mobile machinery.

=> “Analysis Of On-Board Communication Networks » : This is the DNA of Annecy Electronique. For nearly 20 years, we have supported manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and integrators with the development, validation, production or integration of their on-board communication systems.

=> “Diagnosis & Measurement – After-sales service tools » : We are very familiar with what is expected from an after-sales network. We have developed a large number of bespoke and generic tools that allow you to benefit from the experience we have gained through working with networks of garages and servicing centres for cars, motorcycles, construction & agricultural vehicles/machinery, as well as with centres servicing various types of non-standard vehicle.

=> “Training and Maintenance of Vehicles and Equipment, Digital Systems » : The successful and continuous rolling-out of our customers? new and innovative technologies relies on the skills and expertise of their personnel. To maintain these skills and to acquire new ones, our customers can depend on the quality of our learning supports and on our in-depth understanding of the challenges they face in their specific sectors of business.

PROJECT : USB/ETHERNET/Wifi communication interface



Expertise, business offer: Since 2019, we design, develop and manufacture standard, modular and custom lithium-ion batteries from light solutions with a few Wh to large systems in GWh. Besides the lithium-ion cells, the batteries and all their components are designed and produced in France by the GCK teams. By developing our own Battery Management Systems (BMS), we have acquired a crucial know-how to master the whole lithium-ion battery technology.

Customer references & significative projects: Electric bike sharing (JC Decaux, Fifteen), Draisy railway project (SNCF), Buses retrofitting with hydrogen fuel cell (GCK Mobility)

Target markets: Light Electric Mobility, Energy Storage, Off-road EV, EV Trucks, Marine, Motorsport, Railway.

PROJECT : Modular battery system POWER 48-3 Flow



GULPLUG is a startup, based in Grenoble, founded in 2014 as a spin off of Schneider Electric. GULPLUG has developed SELFPLUG an automatic conductive bidirectional charging system (ACD-U) for Electric Vehicles.

SELFPLUG has been tested by several car makers, 3 of the top 5 Global Car Makers recognize SELFPLUG as the most robust and most affordable ACD-U and one of them has already decided to equip their future EVs with SELFPLUG.

GULPLUG vision is that every EV will be automatically connected as soon as it is parked to use its battery to support the Grid.

GULPLUG and EVIDEN Worldgrid have decided to cooperate to develop Always On SELFPLUG (AOS), an interoperable open IT system designed to make distributed storage of electricity in millions of EVs batteries connected to the Grid by SELFPLUG as reliable as a concentrated storage facility.

AOS will unleash a 7,5 TWh/600 GW size storage capacity by 2050 in Europe with at stake 500+ billions Euros savings in investment in electricity production, transportation and distribution.

GULPLUG and EVIDEN Worldgrid, 3 of the top 5 Global Car Makers, an automotive supplier licensee of GULPLUG to supply SELFPLUG, and the biggest European TSO are working together to make AOS/SELFPLUG the future European standard for automatic bidirectional supervised charging system.

PROJECT : SELFPLUG® : safe and simple hands-free charging solution for electric vehicles



Hyliko is the first zero-emission mobility platform for road freight transport. The Hyliko offer includes hydrogen vehicle rental, associated fleet management services (maintenance, repair, etc.), access to a hydrogen refueling network, and carbon footprint monitoring services. Hyliko also offers personalized support and a pay-as-you-go scheme for rapid deployment, tailored to the needs of road haulage professionals.

PROJECT : Heavy-duty hydrogen mobility solution based on diesel vehicle retrofitting



IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major player in research and training in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. From scientific concepts in fundamental research to technological solutions in applied research, technological innovation is at the heart of its action.

PROJECT : High efficiency Synchronous-Reluctance Motor for Light e-Mobility (HeSy Mobility)



IVECO BUS is a brand of Iveco Group N.V. (EXM: IVG), a global leader in commercial and specialty vehicles, powertrain, and financial services, listed on the Borsa Italiana in Milan.

With a worldwide presence and a leading position in Europe in sustainable public transport, IVECO BUS supports public and private operators in all their missions, with an offer of global mobility solutions available in different energies, such as electric or powered by compressed natural gas compatible with biomethane. The overall offer includes:

– school, intercity and tourism coaches;

– standard and articulated city buses, including BRT dedicated versions; city midibuses

– minibuses for all passenger transport missions.

– connectivity and fleet management services available through IVECO ON

– a portfolio of products and services with Energy Mobility Solutions, from simulations and design to the supply of charging stations, and installation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure

The extensive IVECO BUS and IVECO service network guarantees assistance around the world wherever an Iveco Bus vehicle is at work. IVECO BUS employs over 5,000 people across five production units, in Annonay and Rorthais, France, Vysoké Myto, Czech Republic, Brescia and Foggia, Italy.




Mersen is a global expert in electrical power and advanced materials for high-tech industries, with over 135 years of experience, and more than 50 industrial sites and 16 R&D centers in 33 countries. Mersen Electrical Power provides a broad portfolio of products in electrical protection and control and offers solutions for power management applications. Mersen Electrical Power teams work with customers worldwide to design and to deliver customized solutions and key products into various key markets such as commercial, industrial, renewable energies, power electronics, and E-mobility. Mersen’s mission is to make customers applications safer and more reliable.

PROJECT : Advanced Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU) for 400Volts BEV* architectures



METRAVIB Engineering (now a subsidiary of the ACOEM Group) is dedicated solving acoustic, vibrations and reliability issues with expertise and field proven experience for almost 60 years. Our activities encompass shock protection, vibrations damping, reliability analysis, and advanced material testing through innovative technology. Recent and continuous R&D activities include Health usage monitoring of sensitive structures and components, the direct application of Acoustic black holes to help reducing structures weight while maintaining or improving vibration damping properties, and direct support to manufacturers to improve noise performance of a wide range of products from various industries (mobility, energy, aerospace and defense….).

PROJECT : NOMAD, Novel Operator for Multi Analysis Demonstration


Etiquette MicrodB - rectangle

MicrodB company offers expertise in sound source characterization. Its customers are in many domains, from NVH automotive laboratory to defence and environmental monitoring. With 25 years of experience in software and hardware development, its engineers can answer to many noise issues with innovative solutions. Their knowhow permits to answer in complex noisy environment. The technology is based on microphone array to localize the sound sources in the space, up to denoise and to recognize their signature with machine learning. MicrodB is a subsidiary of Sites group, ensuring the capabilities to invest and to address new market. The latest innovations offer solutions to monitor and detect noisy vehicle in the street or intrusive UAV on sensitive site. Its dBFlash noise camera is one of the first products which will be certified in France to fight against the too loud vehicles.

PROJECT : Noise Radar: From the dBCatch Prototype to the Final dBFlash Product



Stablished in France since 2003, Mov’NTec faced a strategic turnaround in 2022 by leaving a German family group, following the factory buyout by two manager directors. Mov’NTec, which targets industrial excellence, operates in two main strategic markets: electromobility and electrification. The common goal in these two sectors is to take part in the sustainable reindustrialization of France by providing solutions that contribute to reduce the carbon footprint.

In electromobility, we assemble electric micro-cars adapted to the constraints of professionals, and we provide a complete solution for the powertrain.

In electrification, we assemble sets and subsets for charging solutions, and we also offer stationary transportable battery solutions.

Our manufacturing plant, labeled “Vitrine Industrie du future” (Vitrine of the future industry), allows us to provide Premium solutions for small and medium-size assembly series.

PROJECT : High efficiency Synchronous-Reluctance Motor for Light e-Mobility (HeSy Mobility)



NEOTRUCKS recycles, adapts and transforms on-road trucks into off-road vehicles to promote the circular economy, improve working conditions and limit the carbon footprint of its customers. They develop agile and innovative mobility solutions for the supply chain. NEOTRUCKS aims to increase its customers’ energy independance by offering them an innovative solution using photovoltaic panels and second-life stationary batteries to power their tractors with 100% renewable energy : The Green Station.




A strong presence in several sectors (industry, aerospace, automotive). We have had to constantly adapt to meet our customers’ expectations and ensure they benefit from the best technical innovations. That’s why at NTN, innovation is at the heart of our concerns.

Today, more than ever, we are convinced that our role is to be an agent of change.

It is our duty to accompany our partners towards a future that is more fluid, more mobile and more harmonious, and based on a more efficient use of energy. NTN in Europe is proud to be at the service of movement.

NTN in the world is :

– 4.6 billion turnover in 2022

– 22,000 employees

– 72 production sites

– 15 research centres

Guided by our European and Japanese identity, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, combining rigour and creativity and mixing cultures and skills. We want to be co-developers of safer, more sustainable and more efficient mobility.

Together, let’s continue to make the world Nameraka.




Saint Jean Industries is an innovative family company, worldwide established, specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of aluminum, cast iron and steel components and sub-assemblies for the markets of transports and energies. Its headquarter is based in Belleville-en-Beaujolais (France) with plants in Germany, Croatia, Spain, U.S.A., and China.

PROJECT : VTTAE : Electric Assist Moutain Bike



The cargo bike is a booming market in Europe, with the aim of replacing cars for private users and commercial vehicles for professionals.

Its ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and congestion are legitimate and virtuous.

But there’s a catch…. The footprint, continuity of service once the vehicle reaches its destination, and the safety of the cargo bike and its contents are all unresolved issues.

SIGAL BIKE’s ambition is to respond to the challenges of decarbonisation and decongestion, but above all to provide a real innovation in terms of use for private and professional users.

PROJECT : Eleven Project: The Augmented Electrically Assisted Cargo Bike

Logo horizontal original

TRANSPOLIS is an innovation and test platform located in the heart of Europe, in between Lyon (40km) and Geneva (200km). Thanks to CARA’s support, this SME was founded in 2011. Its mission is to support innovations for safe and sustainable mobility. The objective is to provide a place where a wide ecosystem of industries, service companies, or academic laboratories can join to develop and test their ideas, even producing 1:1 scale demonstrators in safe and confidential conditions. Transpolis Fromentaux site, a former military camp, has been completely adapted for this purpose. It features various tracks and amenities such as 30 hectares of urban environment, a 1 km long highway track, workshops, meeting rooms, etc.

In addition to its activities as an innovation platform and proving ground, Transpolis offers engineering services and operates two ISO 17025 accredited laboratories:

– One for road equipment to test safety barriers, bollards, etc. according to a wide range of European and international standards;

– One for vehicle testing, specialized in the validation of advanced driver assistance systems and connected and automated vehicles. It became a technical service of the French state in 2022, now able to produce official European type-approvals.

Transpolis is now focusing its development on carbon-free mobility and is hosting projects such as CARAPOWER, Grid4Mobility, and ERoadMontBlanc.

PROJECT : Heavy-duty hydrogen mobility solution based on diesel vehicle retrofitting



TRESSE INDUSTRIE is a French company producing cable and duct protection sheaths, as well as conduction braids.

TRESSE INDUSTRIE is part of Texprotec group: through our various companies and the handing down of know-how over six generations, Texprotec has acquired a wide expertise in the techniques of braiding, weaving, and knitting textile and metal yarns.

A visionary company, Tresse Industrie pursues an aggressive innovation policy and has positioned itself in such niche markets as the automotive, aerospace, rail, electronics, medical and military sectors.

Faced with the exponential development of mobility, the group Texprotec has developed a brand called Emiprotec.

Emiprotec is a range of braided sheaths with electromagnetic shielding, described as peripheral.

Emiprotec’s sheaths not only manage to protect the passengers in vehicles with large interference emissions, but also assure the smooth operation of the more sensitive electronic devices of the vehicle (such as the sat nav, the radio, electronic systemes, sensors).

With this specific range, Tresse industrie demonstrates its unique savoir-faire and its innovation strategy in the technological field of shielding in electromagnetic areas, as well as its capacity to develop solutions adapted to the needs of manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

We are based in France with 3 subsidiaries, in Mexico with a facility based in Leon, and a Sale office based in Shanghai.

PROJECT : Peripheral shielding solution for power cables


Logo uMotion complet

Umotion is creating the world’s most sustainable and affordable utility vehicle.

Specifically designed for carrying load on medium/short routes, the Vike is a robust, versatile, simple workhorse for demanding professionals operating in environmentally constrained environments: cities and metropolitan areas, leisure facilities, indoor environment, etc.

With its patented powertrain technology, umotion takes gentle mobility into the automotive world with reliable and cost-effective low voltage architecture, an easily adjustable battery pack made of manually swappable modules and built-in eco-driving with the use of a cranckset at low speed.

Its modular architecture ensures maximum durability and on-demand battery sizing for every use case reducing the operating cost and mass of the vehicle by two, LCA CO2eq emissions by three and fine particles emissions by four compared to an average electric van.

Built by professionals of the auto industry in collaboration with major players from both the auto and new mobility sectors, the Vike is set to hit the road end of 2025 with 20 test vehicles in the hands of high-profile partners.

PROJECT : Le Vike : New Urban Mobility Solution to Optimize Budget and Environmental Footprint of Urban Freight Transport