Structure & Materials

Vehicle structures and materials play a crucial role in their performance, safety and environmental impact. Choices of materials and structures in vehicle design are essential to balance the needs for performance, safety, energy efficiency and environmental impact. Continuing innovations in this area aim to optimize these aspects for future vehicles. Therefore, Mobility Techdays in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes brings awesome innovative & collaborative solutions on the market for Lightweight, Innovative materials, Eco-design, Strucutral optimization, Multi-material and multi-functional parts, Recyclability, Innovative process, Sound, comfort and vibro-acoustic and thermal, New Mobility (cargo bikes, last km logistics, intermediate vehicles, etc.)

Bicycle Frame and Fork in Cast Aluminum :

Production of a one-piece cast aluminium bicycle frame and fork. Using the same technology, a charging point and security system.

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Photovoltaic Car Integration Activities :

Solar bonnet for integration into the vehicle allowing :

– Zero net carbon emissions by 2038

– Longer range for electric vehicles (less frequent recharging and greater range)

– Reduction in the vehicle’s carbon footprint throughout its lifetime

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NOMAD – Novel Operator for Multi Analysis Demonstration :

Embedded technology designed to meet intelligent monitoring requirements. It is based on an HW platform including multi-physical sensors, an acquisition card for digitising sensor signals and a microcomputer for processing measurement data.

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SSV : Secure Bicycle Station :

Station Sécurisée Vélos dévelopée autour d’un système hautement sécurisé et connecté de stationnement vertical de vélos.

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VTTAE : Electric Assist Moutain Bike :

The world’s first all-suspension electrically-assisted mountain bike with a monocoque frame made from a single casting.

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ELEVEN PROJECT – The augmented electrically assisted cargo bike :

An electric longtail two-wheeler with an innovative, patented technical system that separates the engine section at the rear from the equipment section at the front.

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