Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) integrate information and communication technologies (ICT). They play a crucial role in modernizing urban infrastructure and promoting sustainable mobility to ilmprove the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transport networks. The component and systems suppliers have to promote the integration of their product offer in the value chain (drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, repair or maintenance operators, sellers, etc.) as well as in the full range of mobility connected devices (cars, cycles, tools, rads, etc.), based on digitalization and open data. This will allow to give a better understanding of mobility, anticipating failures or troubles in a preventive or predictive way and to participate actively to that efficient and sustainable mobiliy system. These Mobility techdays in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will introduce some outstanding projects covering digital and connected devices or products, and sustainable mobility solutions : Infrastructures and smart grids, Connected vehicle and new Human-Machine interfaces, driving assistance/automated vehicle, Cybersecurity, Innovation, through uses and MaaS.

MOIRA – Predictive Maintenance of Automotive and Railway Suspensions :

The solution integrates sensors connected to artificial intelligence, to provide users with early warnings (in situ or otherwise) of risks.

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USB/Ethernet/Wifi communication interface. This solution will enable manufacturers and equipment suppliers to work on several of the latest communication networks simultaneously.

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Noise Radar – From the dBCatch Prototype to the Final dBFlash Product :

Noise radar designed to initiate the introduction of individualised noise control of vehicles in the same way as speed control.

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CTIS System with Air Passage Bearing :

Active inflation system consisting of 4 air passage bearings and a CTIS system designed for installation on OEM vehicles without major vehicle modifications.

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